what do we do?

We bring content creators to events and connect them with their audiences in a way that has never been accessible until now. We are not an agency and our services are open to any content creator of any size.Our Oshi Live attendants act as body doubles for content creators who want a presence at conventions from a distance. We offer a variety of services that allow content creators to virtually attend conventions and meet and talk with their fans.


Content creators can call in and explore events on a small mobile screen for quick and easy mobility.

Designated meeting space allows content creators to hold meet and greets in a natural way.

Our telepresence robots give content creators full control of their movement and expression

AR meet and greets on the show floor give a level of creator-fan interaction never seen before.

content creators
at live events

how does it work?

Content creators can call in from anywhere where they have a stable internet connection, no additional travel or setup required!

for businesses

We offer full package services for conventions, including meet and greet planning and tech services. Contact us to see how we can help!

for independents

For conventions we attend we will open time slots for our various service types. The services and times available will depend on the event. These time slots will be priced by the hour.

for event organizers

We bring talent and entertainment opportunities to your event with no effort on your part. We always comply with event and venue regulations and do our best to create fun and spontaneous interactions with event goers without causing interruption. We can act as a connection between yourself and talent and facilitate meet and greets, on-floor spontaneous interaction, or panel/event technical assistance. Reach out to us via our contact page to see what we can do for you.